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Relaxing Massage

Workplace Wellness

Induce a sense of balance and wellness in your workforce.

On-site massage therapies offer employees a real spa experience where they can relax and rejuvenate while in the convenience of your workplace.

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Employee Feedback

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“I really find the massage/well-being appointments with Rachel (which are provided by our company) very relaxing and they also help eliminate any stress I'm feeling at the time. It also makes myself, as an employee, feel valued and that the company genuinely cares about my well-being. Rachel is excellent at what she does always cheerful but calming at the same time. I always feel better after my treatment than before I went in. So grateful our company makes this happen every month and really appreciate it.”


Workplace Wellness: Quote

“Lovely deep massage. Relaxing atmosphere. Feels like hours but only half an hour.”


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“My job is both physical and desk based which has lead to the muscles in my shoulders to become quite tight.  I always look forward to Rachel's visits to our company, the relief in my shoulders after the massage is instant and although it is all upper body I always have a spring in my step for the remainder of the day.”


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“Before the massage I feel stiff, tense and tight... after the massage I feel relaxed, flexible, loose, and in heaven!  I look forward to it."


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“My Indian head massage taster was very relaxing and helped to relieve some tension in my head, neck and shoulders. The smell of the room and the ambient sound was very relaxing. I would definitely recommend others to try the experience. I wasn't sure what to expect at first, but would definitely like to have a head massage again.
I've never had anything like that at work before. I think it was quite a nice surprise and it was lovely to have something like that on an inset day. If you were to come back again I would definitely put my name down."


Workplace Wellness: Quote

“Very relaxing, very soothing and very calm atmosphere. Thank you."


Workplace Wellness: Quote

“The session we had last week was fantastic and I felt a lot better afterwards. Thanks very much for that."


Workplace Wellness: Quote

“It was really lovely and calming. Thanks again."

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